Popularly known as “Precious Pen”, Precious Osikha is a lawyer, writer, blogger, script writer, entertainer, song writer/composer and a freelancer who has ghostwritten books for a few busy authors. Her works which cut across all genres of literature have appeared in local and international literary websites and journals, and she’s written scripts for a few Nollywood movies. 

Her book, “White Whispers” is a collection of twenty Short Stories, a narrative collage bordered on love, loss, displacement, and the everydayness of identity. The stories, dramatic and prosaic at the same time, attempts to steer the reader to spaces of thought filled with twists and longing.

E-book is available for the sum of 1,000 naira.  While hard copies for the sum of 2,500 naira which includes delivery of the book.  Call/SMS/Whatsapp 08160525580 for payment details.