A MAN’S DREAMS

Sunset casts over Phars Quarters.

Two high voices were arguing over a matter in the sitting room.

“This is the third Hebrew Slave you’ve refused in this house!”

“That’s because I don’t want to have dealings with any more Hebrew Slaves!”
“Not all of them are going to end up as that Slave boy!  They are Hardworking Slaves and you must not reject the next Slave I bring to this house on the grounds of nationality!”
It doesn’t matter! They are all the same! They all have the same blood flowing through their veins! She yells. Her voice still bearing the stern vexation.
“Nonsense! We need more slaves in this house and I get the best recommendations for slaves from the Hebrew land”
“Then what happened to Josh? How come he didn’t end well here? How come you put him prison for trying to lie with me? I don’t want any more Hebrew Slaves! No! Not a single one!”


The sharpness in her voice irritates him the more. She is acting all crazy over this slave issue but his decision isn’t going to change. A hard look appears on his face as he stares at her while her face flings to the other side of the room with a frown shaping her caramel face. Her brown eyes having a sharp gaze at the Portrait on the floor. The Portrait of King Pharoah which characterises every ranking commanders quarters. She is beginning to feel her husband’s anger build up with the silence. Soon she won’t be able to refrain him from bringing in another slave. She never wants to set her eyes on any Hebrew slave. Not after the humiliation with Josh. “Stupid boy!” ,She curses within her.
“First thing tomorrow, I would get  New Hebrew slaves who would work in this quarters! You better accept them because I won’t be sending them back so do away with any reservations you have against them!”
Mr Phars last words hang in the air.
She  lifts her voice and wails 

“Why do you chose to humilate me?”
Phar ignores her cries and storms out of the sitting room.
He believes her cries would cease once she gets that he isn’t going to change his mind  and it did. Her cries were no longer heard by the time he got to the quarters gate.
She has been trying at him, her body too close to his, her lips struggling to get a taste of his while she is tugging at his waist.
“Lie with me! I would give you whatever you ask for!” Her voice soft and sweet and keeps repeating the same lines.
He gets a grip of her hands and pushes her to the bed. Her high pitched laughter fills the room now from where she lies contently on the bed making him realize the door keys were still in her possession.
She stops abruptly and starts rubbing her body starring in his direction

 “I’m I not a fair lady for you? Won’t you choose to end my lustings over you now? Just this once and I’ll trouble you no more!” Her seducing voice trying to lure him over as she approaches him like a hungry cat and tries hard again, pulling at his shirt.
The words escape from his mouth,

“Never! It would never happen! I can never do such a wicked thing! I cannot sin against my father in heaven and my master! Never!”
“If your father is in heaven why worry over him anyway!” What can he do to you now, hmm! She tries to get his shirt off.
He could tell his words were falling on deaf ears and wouldn’t fly because she is far gone on her journey. She couldn’t take in anymore of his resistance;  all she expects from him now is his consent to it. He gets hold of where she ties the keys around her waist, quickly pulls them out but Her rubbing at his entire body weilds even stronger. Her hands splay all over him. He starts pulling his shirt and her eyes gleams with delight her giggling increasing and she bursts into laughter a laughter that ravages the entire room and penetrates into his ears.
He could hear his name louder 
Josh! Josh!
Hmmm! He replies dazing with sleep
The loud bang causes his eyes to fling open. He jolts out of bed immediately.
Organize the prisoners for the addresse! 
Yes sir!” He stammers and keeps blinking his eyes as if his eyes would fall off if he stops.

©Rita George

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