At dawn, Josh sits at the edge of his bed watching a busy spider spinning webs across the high window in his cell. His face dull, eyes sinking inward and his bushy hair all sums up to a look of someone that was truly deserted. His gaze drops to his cell’s floor. His current cell didn’t have as much punctures and potholes in it as his former.

He lets out a deep breath.

” What could happen to Him today at the Address?” He questions within him and ponders on what would become of him if Abayomi choses to replace him as Head of Prisoners. He draws in his legs and his body to rest his back against the wall. The spring bed squeaks until he spreads out his legs in a balanced position and his back leans against the wall. 

In despair, he bows his head, shuts his eyes and mumbles few words of prayer to God for the deliverance of his soul.

His head lifts slowly as he says ‘The Grace’ and his eyes fling open as soon as  lips movements halt.
Staring into empty space, he travels to the very beginning of his slave days. To the very point where he is panting and sweating in a dry pit, watching the torturous stares of his brothers tear at him. At the mouth of the pit their decision echoes,

 ” Let us Kill him!”.
 Reuben the first of the 12 in the family speaks up abruptly,
“No! We do not want his blood on our hands!”. As if in luck, he sights some travellers from afar and says, 

“We would sell him into slavery and tell our father he has been devoured by a wild beast!”
The words, “Devoured by a wild beast!” ravages his thoughts now. So that is the sad memory of him left to his Poor Old Father. Josh fights back the tears piling up in his eyes. He flings his face towards the rear end of the room. The force of the tears pulls his eye lids shut and the tears begin to flow like a river.
@ Rita George 

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