Nathan—a twelve year old boy—is witnessing a tragedy. A woman who just stepped into a swimming pool is struggling with the flow of water. She kept struggling, fighting with the water, and this attracts onlookers who are either confused or indifferent. A brave young man from among them runs up to the edge of the pool, removes his shirt, takes a dive into the water, to save the dying woman. 
He succeeds in bringing the woman out of the pool. 
Nathan heaves a sigh as he sees the woman being carried away to safety. 
Minutes after, Nathan’s father arrives to pick him up and sees his gloomy face. 
“What is it Nathan? Why the face?”. His father asked. 

Nathan narrates what he saw and says: 

“Daddy, can you believe no one could save that lady until that man came in to rescue her? They all kept watching like it was a movie, and some even held their phones to take photographs of her. They didn’t even care.” 
His father smiles, holds him to the chest and says, “the world we live in is divided by those who actually care and those who don’t care enough . However it takes huge courage to care for those around us.” 


Can we examine our lives a little? What little Nathan saw is enough food for  thought. We should all Wake up and Make up.

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