I’m in a dark place. I feel so ashamed of myself. 

You may wonder why I am here and why I feel this way. 

It all started when I resumed tutoring class for Ekene,  who had failed her exams on several occasions. Her parents had complained and sought my assistance as a teacher. Ekene was soft and calm. She had a good figure and most times I got fascinated by her body. So this particular day, I lost control of myself and started to touch her. She was resilient at first but later accepted everything I did to her. 

“Don’t tell your parents I always finger you” I would warn her. She was young and so she didn’t tell anybody. 
We continued the sexual affair until luck didn’t shine on us. It was that fateful day we were caught and today I keep staring at the scar I got from the hot oil her mother poured on me.
How many times have you molested little children?  Be it a man or a woman perpetuating the act. How many times have we betrayed the trust that people have for you? How many times have you let the devil take control over your soul? At the end, you have cut short of what is good. At the end you live in self guilt hoping to die in it.

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