I met a friend few days back feeling very uncomfortable in a cab because it was too tight and I knew she had a car. I asked her why she didn’t drive, and I was so shocked when she told me “haba, do you want me to scare men?”
So you mean to tell me women can’t achieved success or get what they want or feel free around their male counterparts because they will scare men away?

I get very disappointed about the low mentality of people in the society. If a man truly wants a woman, her standard or way of life shouldn’t be a hindrance. Real men don’t get scared. They take the bold steps.  Remember that not all men are for you. The right one will always come and that man is a real man who has seen your way of life  and have accepted you for what you are. You can’t displease yourself to please society.

It’s time for us to  Wake up and Make  up.

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