I stood for hours, levitating over my past. It was something I needed to tell Mado before things would get so serious between us. Although we were just friends, Mado wanted something else, something more. An everlasting union. But this terrible past of mine wouldn’t let me be. 

Mado came into my life when the road was rough. When I felt I couldn’t love anymore, that was when he showed me the true meaning of the word “Love”. He was different. 
So last week, he called me up to meet him. I was quite excited. Nothing brightens my heart than his sensational presence. He was my God in human form. He was everything to me yet I still couldn’t let him have an idea of how much I was dying inside. 

When we hugged, the strawberry aroma that came from him elevated my soul. It was heavenly. Mado was just too sweet and nice to resist. 
He had prepared a nice dish for us. Did I tell you Mado was a great cook? Oh he is a fantastic cook. I have teased him several times that he was a woman in a man’s body… 
We got talking and then a question popped into my ears. “Will you marry me?” 

Little drops of sweat appeared on my forehead. I was still in shock. 
I was about saying “no” when I broke into tears. I knew he deserved the light of my being.  He didn’t deserve to live in the dark with me. 
So I told him everything. How I got pregnant for another man and had an abortion for him. How I was rejected and used by men whom I taught loved me. How I lived a reckless life. 
My story broke Mado’s spirit. It came like a blow to his gut. I could see that lively being leave his body. His bright face has become gloomy. He was mute. There was silence. 
I inhaled a deep breath and picked up my bag ready to take my leave, when I suddenly felt his hands around mine. 
I love you Priscilla. I will always do. 
Tears flowed like a dam in my eyes. Why does he still love me so much, even with  my flaws? 
I couldn’t explain why he loved me so much.
Mado is your creator. Priscilla is you, us, we. How many times have we carried that burden within us. Your creator wants you close. He loves you. Yet many of you have failed to recognise your flaws and make confessions to the creator. How can he forgive you when you are still living in guilt? Time to open up and believe in him. He loves you no matter what, and will always hold you by the hand. 
Go back and tell your creator (whether you are a Christian or a Muslim or whatever you are) how much you are sorry and how much you love him.

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