I was born with the most beautiful face everybody would pray for if given a chance. In my childhood days, I woke up every morning and stood in front of a mirror admiring my beauty. One day, I lost my beauty to a natural ailment that even the best doctors could not solve. It was depressing at the time, and whenever I went out I had to cover my face, for fear of people running away from me. At school, I was nicknamed “Ugly Monster” by a silly boy who was twice as ugly but felt he was cuter than Ramsey. I cried each time I went home. Friends stayed off. Parents warned their kids not to come close to me. Even my male little crushes saw me to be irritating. I lost self esteem. I cursed each day for making me lose my Precious asset, my face. I thought beauty was all I had. One day someone told me my face is the least of my assets.  From that day, I experienced a rebirth. Many other talents were unleashed. There was no limit to what I could do. One fateful day, I regained my beauty. A face I never imagined I could have. I became prettier than I was before.

Dear friends, many at times we tie ourselves to only beauty and  material things. We fail to recognise other gifts we have in us. Heart breaks, disappointments aren’t meant to break us but make us strong. Social media has covered the true identity of people. When I share my happy moments people don’t realise that the smiles they see hold a thousand tears. I tell you not to give up. Today, I take the finest pictures so the world can see my strength and draw from my energy because I was taught to share my strength and  courage, not my weaknesses. If you still think beauty is all you got to offer the world know that this woman writing lost hers years back but was reborn with an enormous energy to conquer situations. People will talk, people will misinterpret  your thoughts, but you must be firm. No condition is permanent. You may be poor, ugly, single, heartbroken, used, rejected…but where there is life, there is hope. Do not cry over those who rejected you, they can’t handle luxury. For those who looked down on us we shall surprise them. If I could regain back what doctors said I won’t get back. Who are you not to conquer. 

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  1. Manjaja says:

    I sure am a conqueror. Thanks for this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Precious Pen says:

      You are welcome


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