Friends? I hate them. They were the very reason why I committed this murderous crime. It was that very day when they threw a dagger to my heart with their words. You may be wondering how I managed to do it again after my first murder, right? This wasn’t my first. Oh it wasn’t. 
And this time I felt at peace. Not even an atom of guilt felt. I should have done this long ago. 
Why did you kill them? You may want to ask me this question. I had no choice. If I didn’t kill them one after the other they would have destroyed my life. 
I only realised this after I attended what should have been a motivational workshop gone bad. They (my friends) didn’t encourage me at first but the depth of my soul wanted to be present at that workshop. I had to obey. 
I remember the speaker talked about the kind of friends we should keep. I traced it to my life, like a map leading to a treasure chest. My friends only taught me the unacceptable ways of the world. They never brought me to my cherished destination. We were four. Like we were on a bus heading to no where. I was yet to discover myself, yet to know who I really was, yet to know what I really wanted to do with my life. And they, my friends never helped me to do so. 
Suddenly, the speaker said, go and kill your friends. The hall was silent save the echo of the word *kill*, in my ear. It was as tough he was telling us to commit a crime, a good crime. I got the drift immediately. So I left and wrote a list of friends I should kill. One after the other I didn’t hesitate. The courage in me fueled my resolve. 
You may think I was crazy right? Killing my friends was wrong, right? I didn’t kill them with Ak47 guns or bombs. I killed them with my attitude towards their lifestyle. I started anew. I stayed away from them because they had nothing to offer me. I wasn’t growing. I was static. 

But today I have grown. I have become better. I found myself. 
Just yesterday one of them bumped into me in a big company. She tried to exchange her usual ” how far you” greetings. Then I replied “How may I help you?”. She was stunned. 

So let me ask you, are you still living that callous life where all you do is party all the way. Or what all you do is sit and begin to count the number of shoes and wears you see and all you talk about is how to wear out the next boyfriend/girlfriend?  

If you are still keeping those friends who aren’t adding value to you then you better wake up and make up. 

I will say the same thing that speaker said. “Go and kill your friends”.

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