It wasn’t the first neither was it the second time I would see her peep through my window. The time was always accurate, her visit a routine of some sort.

Every morning at about 6am, she would perch on my window and use its beak to hit on the panes. It overtime became an alarm, or noise, but definitely not pleasant music. So no matter how deep I slept, as long as it was 6am I would wake up to its morning greetings. It was annoying at some point but [nonetheless] I was quite pleased that I had a pretty bird for a good morning companion for a while. Until it happened!

After one month precisely, I noticed the bird stopped visiting my window. I became worried at some point and wondered what might have happened to her. She had become a part of me.

I kept up with the timing (waking up by 6am) only for a few days. I woke up late afterwards. I could no longer keep to time anymore. I felt so disorganised. For a full month I was a shadow of myself. I returned to my old self, early to bed and late to rise. 

Yesterday, she paid me a surprise visit. Wow! I was excited. I didn’t feel lonely anymore. I promised to become better. 

If a bird could open my eyes to see how best to appreciate life, how much more we humans?

Sometimes I think about the countless times we have failed our creator yet she returns to us and embraces us.

Now how many times have you acknowledged your faults and amended them? If you have been lagging, then it’s time to sit up.

There is a second chance to every mishap. Wake up and Make up.

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