Laura couldn’t stand the boredom at home. Hence she went to a bookshop and decided to get a fascinating book. 
As she entered, she exchanged warm pleasantries with the workers in the shop. Her eyes began to scan through the shelves and suddenly gazed at a book whose cover was too captivating to ignore. 
She gave a smirk and began to wonder what content could be in there. As she held the book, she flipped through and came across an excerpt of the book at the back. She kept wondering for a while. Though, she had second thoughts to drop it and pick another (at some point) but again the excerpt was just dope, it gripped her thoughts. 
She purchased the book and went home to read. To her surprise, she was disappointed. She almost regretted why she bought the book. This was the last time Laura would buy a book based on with the wrong judgement that a captivating excerpt means a captivating book. 

At some point as readers, we feel disappointed after a lot of hype based on just an excerpt of a book. Although, some are worth it but again reading only an excerpt shouldn’t be the only reason to get a book.  A good reader purchases a book because he or she wants to know more, or get entertained. 
For me I feel excerpts only underrate a good work. I just feel getting to read everything in a book is worth more than the “excerpt judgment rule”.  

Notwithstanding, one can’t help but write one. Or, what do you think? 

So have you written a book before? If yes, write an excerpt from your book. 
Here comes mine:  (Raze at Moonlight) #White Whispers. 
 Najan’s beautiful body turned pitch black. Asphalt. She had taken rest with the sands. Mama could not bear the trauma. She was sounding strange and insane. My sister’s absence became obvious, my strength drained, and I was no longer scared to look death in the face.

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