THE LAST LAUGH 

Two weeks have passed since Gerald’s visit and Narshon’s demise. A dark cloud is cast over Aswan prison. The chilly air coming in through the open window into the large guards office strokes Abasi’s stocky face. 
Standing next to him is Josh whose eyes are filled with shock and mouth agape for the secret that had been revealed. Abayomi who’s behind the counter glares at Abasi like a fierce judge ready to pass judgement. 
Few minutes earlier, a prisoner who had encountered the incident came out boldly to expose the culprit.
Abayomi had been assigned to find out who Narshon’s killer was. 
“Abasi, Why did you choose to Kill? Is that the only way you sought to cover up your tracks? By silencing Narshon?” Abayomi fired. Question after question. Demanding for answers.
Abasi’s hands are in handcuffs as he stands at the entrance to Abayomi’s office.  His is shock at the manner in which Abayomi addresses him. 
He observes the sweat patches appearing on Abayomi’s uniform leaving an indelible mark on the sides of his uniform. It seems a tough decision for him to make. 
Abasi recovers, shakes his head and grins.
Josh eyes blinks rapidly now as he is recovering from the shocking news. His gaze briskly changes course to meet a stern-faced Abayomi.
“You must be happy now. Ordering the arrest of a senior guard. At least it would fetch you a good promotion!” Abasi spits out at Abayomi. His lips tightening.
“It’s my duty to hand you over! It’s not my fault that your secret deeds have been exposed. Seeing you threats would not change Narshon’s mind about exposing you as a smuggler of hard drugs into the prison, you murdered him!”
The blaring sound of the sirens announces the arrival of the Large Police Vans and time for Abasi’s departure.
The steps of guards storming into the prison follows and their footsteps continue until they get into the office where Abasi stands defenceless. The head guard salutes Abayomi first and Abayomi follows suit. Next the guard turns to Abasi and does same but immediately drops his hand ordering for his arrest.
Josh shifts back with arms crossing over his chest as he watches them pull him away, tugging at his waist. Abasi pleads aloud for mercy.
Abayomi grins to himself for a job well done. Prison power has being relinquished to him at long last. How he waited earnestly for this day.


Josh turns and catches a glimpse of Abayomi’s face. A grim expression beclouds his face.
What is to become of me now my ally is gone? Josh swallows hard as fear grips him.

To be continued…

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