Suspense Fiction:  A chit-chat with Prosper Nwokoro.
Prosper Nwokoro is a suspense fiction writer. He sometimes feels his name ought to be Peros Priam ie I am Prosper( When he’s trying out the Voldemort style). 
He’s a native of Igbo from Imo state, and the first child of his parents. His university education was completed in 

Benin as he badged a B. Sc in Economics and Statistics from the University of Benin. 

Q. Why this nickname ‘Peros Priam’?
 It’s borne by the perception that every human has to have his own name and be his own person. And sometimes, surnames and other subtleties of ethnicity serve as breeding grounds for racism and the stereotypes that’s prevailant around the world.
Q. Interesting, why then do you write?

I have asked myself this question over and over again, and I am still to get a concretized notion of this sickness called writing. I can’t help it at times, and perhaps I should say the impulse to write is a sickness only ameliorated with the act of writing itself. 
Q. Where and where have your works been published? And how many contests have you won lately?

My works have mostly been published in the Kalahari Review. I have works published in other platforms like Storried, Tushstories and other online platforms. 
Here are the links to some of them.
Q. What inspired your first published work?
My first published works were a series of poems revolving around distance and love. I was serving in a remote location in Kaduna, lonely, and listening to ‘Jealous by Labyrinth’. It was how I wrote the three poems. 
Q. Describe your writing style in one word?

Q. What writing styles are easy for you to pull off as a suspense fiction writer?
Definitely the first person narrative. I feel comfortable telling a story from the lens of a functional partaker. It makes it easy to infuse a bit of my idiosyncrasies, and sometimes I believe I am telling a bit of my futuristic stories. 
Q. Aside from being a writer what other career would you settle for?
 I have always loved playing football. It is not a lost dream yet for me. I believe I have a role to play in the world of football. And to be honest, I do not see writing as a career choice. However, it is a route I always feel obliged to take.
Q. What has been the best part of your writing journey?
It’s the feeling I get when I get awesome feedback from my readers. Recently I met a lady who called me the next shaking spear, and while she meant to say Shakespeare. Lol. 
She reached this conclusion by merely skimming through a work I showed her and she was really impressed with what she read.
Q. If you where to pick any writer from among your Facebook friends whose works inspire you the most, who would it be? 
It has to be Itode Samuel. And it isn’t just in his impeccable approach to stringing words. Samuel has a character that seems surreal.  
I am chronically fascinated by how he has the right mix of humour and sobriety and charity and a few other virtues of life. 

Q. Any last words for first-time suspense writers and your fans?
For first-time writers, don’t stop reading. It is how you become a good writer. And if they say they don’t like your story, ask them to write theirs. Simple!
For my awesome readers, The most important things are the hardest to say. And to be honest, I have sometimes been moved to tears seeing the kind of comments I get from you all. Also, to my friends and well wishers, you all inspire me to write more. I love you all.

Thanks for inspiring us today.
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Have a blissful week ahead! 

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