Anchored by Diepiriye Rita George. 

The African Queen of Suspense popularly known as Precious pen has captured Making Monday today with her suspense and charm.
Let’s give it up for her.

Hello Awesome MMM readers. I am Precious Osikha, popularly known as Precious Pen(African Queen of Suspense). I am from Edo State. I live in Benin City and I’m the first child of my parents. I had my primary, secondary and university education in Edo State then proceeded to law school, Abuja, were I got my B.L. 

It’s three years gone already and I’m very thankful to God. Here’s a wrap up of what I am; lawyer, blogger, script writer, content creator, digital marketer, online business coach, actress, singer, song writer and a literary event manager. These are my majors amongst many others.  

1. Great! So, What inspired  your book ‘White Whispers’?

 Awesome life experiences inspired White Whispers. ,
2. How do you come up with intriguing titles for each story?

My titles were born out of divine nature. 
3. Is there a part of you in these stories?

Definitely! I draw quite a number of inspiration from things happening around me and I turn them into fiction.
4. How do you get to maintain such amazing suspense in your stories?

Like I said earlier, I’m a good actress so I try to imagine my movement in movies and give life to my stories. 
5. How much feedback have you gotten from readers who read  white whispers?

Honestly, the feed backs have been wow! In fact, at some point, I was teary eyed. I have had five figure sales with just the eBook. Soon, the hard copies will be available because people have been demanding for it.  

Some readers called me up to say how much emotions they have had while reading it. One almost forgot his food on the fire and thank God he didn’t have his house burnt. I also have others telling me how it ought to end. Lol.
6. What would you say is the top misconception people have about the publishing process?

For me, the publishing process starts from the moment your conceive an idea and put it down and then go through all the needed modalities before entering the press and marketing it. So far one thing I have observed is the rate at which people say Nigerians don’t read. 

People, especially Nigerians, read. The issue is getting the right audience. You can’t expect a lover of just solely music to buy a book. So that’s it for now.
7. What’s your life in music, books and blogs?

I love music. I love books. I love blogs. 

I happen to be a one time Nigerian Idol Musical T.v. Reality Show contestant. That was in 2014  and I went far until I had to forfeit it for my law school program. I have written a couple of songs awaiting musicians and producers to buy. 

I love good books. So far I have written just White Whispers. But I am already working on another book. I have co-authored books which will be released this year. I also happen to have written scripts for a few Nollywood movies!
And finally, my blog http://www.preciouspen.com is a literary niche where I share stories, poems, articles, business ideas, tips, tutorials on writing and publishing.
8.  Which agent, editor or friend would you say tremendously helped you make this a reality?

 Ehi’zogie Iyeomoan, my friend and companion. He wasn’t just an editor but a friend and nurse who helped me birth this reality. I say thank you.  
9. Tell us a little something about your blog?

 My blog started in 2015 and it’s been three years running now. However, we have extended our visibility by active participation on our Facebook group known as “PRECIOUS PEN SOCIAL NETWORK” where writers and business people can explore and learn more. 

We also run a Facebook page known as “PRECIOUS PEN” to create more awareness and give our discount offers to our books and services.  
10. If you were to pick any writer/author from among your Facebook friends or writing groups whose works inspire you the most, who would it be? 

They are too numerous to mention. But I will mention a few. For short stories, I will say Rita George, the one anchoring this show. Her stories are reality stories. I would be delighted to co-author a book with her soon and I hope she accepts my request.
For Poetry I have Ehi’zogie Iyeomoan, Jamiu Ahmed, Bamidele Aiyegina and Jide Badmus (whose books I am yet to get but admire his works)
11. What’s the best way for writer’s to profit from their writing?
The best way is to create ideas and new methods. Read more. Write more. Employ good marketing strategies. Then create your own niche and style. 

One of the best things that enable me to make money as a writer is breaking boundaries. We already have too many writers/authors, be different. 
12. In five years time, what do you think would be the fate of Nigerian Writers and the demand for their works?
 If writers/authors know their game, I bet you we will even create companies and brands just like we have entertainment and movie industry. This time without a writer/author, the world is meaningless. I have so much hope for us, especially now that I am getting to know more writers/authors.
13. Advice for first-timers.

Hello first time writers/authors, this thing we call writing is a gift. Use it well. Work hard and have patience. To make profit you must learn to be patient. Do not be desperate. Know your audience. Push for it. Give people those info they don’t know about. And don’t be greedy. Always ensure you have a good name.
My book White Whispers is a collection of short stories about love, loss, displacement and everydayness of identities. An attempt to challenge the status quo. The stories are suspense filled and gripping. The eBook is available for as little as 1k (1,000 naira). You can inbox me for a copy. Hard copies will be available soon. Watch out. I love you all.


Thank you for Inspiring us today.
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We hope you have been inspired today.
Do have a Blissful new week ahead.  

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