When it was unpleasant because of the weather, his legs became mine.
He would put me on his back and help me cross over to the dry side of the road. 
The rains always left the road oceanic. I am aqua phobic and this mass of water wasn’t even  clear.
People watched us and loved our love. I would sit on his back, shy from the remarks of passersby. They would sing his praise and tell of my fortune. It was as though we were of a special make up.
Then one evening, lounging away, I noticed a patch on his shin. He tried to make light of it but I objected and we found our way to the doctor.  It was some fungi infection for which he received medication. I knew it must have been contacted in the dirty waters he waded in to our house.
If we had the means we would have relocated to avoid having to always walk in the water but we didn’t. So we stayed.
Commercial vehicles don’t ply the road so we resulted to asking for lifts. We would flag down a vehicle to help us. Sometimes we are helped at the first attempt, other times after many attempts. 
Then one day something evil happened.
The man whose car we had entered accused my husband of theft. On our alighting from his car,he started making a case, saying the envelope of money he put at the gear box area of his car was missing.
He suddenly became aggressive.
He began to rough handle Yane, my husband.
We tried to stop him, explaining that we had sat in his car for only about 5mins but he got more furious and started shouting, pointing at Yane and calling us thieves.
People began to gather.
The first slap on Yane’s face broke my heart. 
I screamed!
Then others followed. Then punches even as I screamed harder.  I was amazed at how people were excitedly donating their attacks on my Yane.
Then a punch went to his eyes and he groaned and fell. At that point I knew I had to intervene. I had heard how innocent people were thus murdered.
I flung my bag away!
And began undressing, screaming and crying, urging them to leave him alone.
I had removed my skirt, my laps were bare. I had pulled my blouse over my head. My light skinned tummy was bare while my breast were secured in my bra.
At this point, some women around began shouting. At the same time everyone had left Yane and wondered at me. 
He was already on the ground and was bleeding from his left eye, the lid was cut.
I rushed at him as others rushed at us. 
At the hospital, his eye was stitched!
We settled the bill and in three days, we were out of the hospital. Apart from the cut lids, he only had some bruises. There was no broken bone.
This was three weeks ago!
Then last week, we were in our house when we heard a knock on our door. It was the man that accused my husband.
He said he’d found the money in his briefcase when he got home that day but hadn’t had the nerve to come apologise. 
I thought I  had forgiven him but as I looked at him, I realised I was still bitter and unforgiving even though I sensed he was remorseful.
Yane asked him not to bother. The man instead brought out an envelope. 
He was offering us money!
I got madder!
Could he take away the shame?
Could he pay for my nakedness?
Then Yane though infuriated, spoke calmly, telling him to take his money away. 
He pleaded.
Yane insisted.
Then he got up and began to unbutton his shirt. He bare chest stared us in the face as we speechlessly moped. 

He made to unbuckle his belts. 

I frantically turned my back to him as Yane stopped him. Now I felt ashamed. I hadn’t expected him to have resulted to that.

So, we took the money and he took his shirt and left.

Now, we have relocated!

We live on a street that is tarred.The money was outrageously huge! 

We still can’t explain it but we are experiencing it.

What made him apologize in such a way?

Why did he part with so much money?

Written by 

feji khai

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