THE SET UP 

Running out of the house, Josh bare chest is exposed to the scorching May Sun. He stops at a remarkable distance to catch his breath as his side ribs goes up and down. His heart is pounding fast. He bends over,  his hands on his lean thighs. While he is still gasping for breath,  his hands leaves his dusty work shorts to wipe the sweat off his face. 

Mr Phar ‘s quarters.

Hours later. 
An assembly of guards, Mr & Mrs Phar circle round Josh.
Mrs Phar  slaps him with every venom of anger . “Rapist!”. She yells.

He feels the pain and lifts his shirt as she turns to face the cluster of guards.

“I got hold of this!  That was why he escaped!” She said.

“Aye! ”  a uniformed guard voice escapes from where they all watch  with an angry countenance; armed with whips waiting for a Single command to be unleashed.
“You Fool!” Her voice is sharp and harsh,  and he feels an unbearable pain. 

She goes on flashing his shirt as one displaying wares for sale all in the name of evidence.

 Josh is almost suffocating at their midst as the air is just too stuffy. His heart beats fast.  Sweat prickles his fore head and more pour at his rough cheeks and  bare chest.  His red eyes beholds his frowning master’s face. 
Mr Phar grabs him by the neck. His eyes were rubies set on ablaze. 

“You dare rape my wife?  You ingrate!”
Josh gasps for air under the pressure of his grip. His eyes goes wide open imagining if this is how he would die,  an innocent and wretched slave boy. His face swells and becomes red with vein marks on his forehead. 
Mrs Phar shifts away from them and folds her arms with his shirt underneath her arms that are crossing over each other. She watches him few inches away with a consenting frown.
Mr Phar taking off his arms from around his neck hits him with a terrible blow.
Josh crashes to the earth below before he could catch another good breath of air, his mouth is injured and little blood flows from the cut.  His face bruised; beyond normal recognition of what was once attractive, young and endearing.
Phar is a stout man with physique belonging to one from the army so the blow inflicted on him is well-defined. 
He turns abruptly, snatching the shirt off his wife’s arms , stooping immediately to Josh.
“I will make you rot in jail for the rest of your life!” Mr Phar thunderous voice storms into his ears.
He whips him hard with his shirt.
To be continued. 

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    1. Precious Pen says:

      Thank you very much.


  1. Diepiriye Rita says:

    Thanks dear. I’m working on the edits for the next set. Cheers!

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