‘So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom’. (Psalm 90 vs 12)

Oh Yeah! It’s now or never.

Birthdays are part of us whether we acknowledge its celebration or not.

I haven’t celebrated many of them any ways. I had my first birthday at 23 (Yeah! You read it right) nothing much though just with my siblings.

I grew up in a family where little emphasis is placed on elaborate celebration of birthdays.  The best we do is go to church sing, dance and pray, thanking God for the gift of life and sound health. Anyways nothing matters more than that, others are just ceremony , to merry and make yourself happy with family and friends.

Actually, I got no present at all, yes, not even one but I got more than enough prayers and well wishes from Dad and Mum and lots of beatings, yes, but with laughter and also wetting with water and some other things I wouldn’t want to write here and I’m sure you don’t want to hear it either (Lol). My siblings and neighbours are very good at that, you know the sad story about this is most of them escape my retaliation as we would all be in our respective schools by then, but mine , oh! No! it’s January 1st and you know what that means, no escape route. I usually get my birthday gift (beating, singing and wetting) immediately after the cross over service in church. No safe place. Poor boy. However it’s always fun being around your loved ones. 

My 24th birthday,  hmmm… very fascinating. I had so many surprise calls from friends who haven’t called me in ages I mean we had little or no conversation at all during the course of the year. I was amazed and thrilled, it was really a day I wouldn’t forget. Calls trooped in like soldiers responding to their nations call. Like seriously, I received more than enough calls even from friends of friend, pals and many other people I don’t relate with personally or should I say directly. People were calling right from after the cross over service till dawn just to say a very happy birthday to this gentle man. Oh my goodness! I was dazed, I  never knew people loved me that  much, I felt loved by friends and family  for the very first time. I guess I have begun to get recognized perhaps my life has begun to touch theirs. My existence is now making sense .This has really changed a lot of things about me. Glory be to God.

 The major purpose of our existence is to affect people around us positively, make them feel loved and show every act of care and appreciation to people no matter how small, it will definitely be appreciated. So, I challenge you today to make it your habit to make people happy and you also will find true joy.  Invariably, it’s all about calls, messages and calls. I was really happy. However, I didn’t miss the beatings as usual, it was even double.


Adeboye Joseph (Olujoseph)

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