November 29.
Cold shivers.
I thought the world would crumble. I began to see different shapes and sizes. Scary faces.
It can’t be real, I whisper to my self.
What about my dreams? 

What about my visions?  What becomes of them?

Is this how it all ends? 

I could see her calm face. Death. Robed in white. Angelic.
I heaved a sigh and say, please give me more time. Let me put my house in order. 

I have heard and read stories about great people. I want to become great yet there are sacrifices one must make to embrace greatness. It is not the sacrifice of fowls or goats but perseverance to conquer each hurdle as they come. 

In my head I hear a pregnant woman monologuing the horrors of the Labour room, of childbirth. I imagine me delivering White Whispers, my first book, against all odds. Lately, life has dealt me terrible blows. Nothing is more worthy than the fact that I am still alive. So, there’s hope in tomorrow. 

I am grateful for the humans the universe has used to help me push harder. And today I present to you the fruit of my first labour as a creative writer. White Whispers. 

E-copies are now available. At 1000 Naira only, payable to my account, you get your copy of White Whispers mailed to you, and a customized password to access the book. 

Thank you for believing in me. Compliment of the Yuletide Season.

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