Everybody has a place in life. The fact that some do not know doesn’t mean they don’t have a place. They simply don’t know their place. Since you have a place then you have a purpose. 

Now,  it is time to discover your existence which means your talents. 

There are several ways to discover your talents but you must know  that there are mechanical, technical, social, personal, mental and physical ways. 

Below are some ways to discover your talent.

1.  Do not wait for talents to appear instead find a talent you seem cool with and learn everything about it. For instance, you would not know if you are good at playing a piano if you do not try it.

2. If there is a particular thing you find easy to do then put in extra effort and pay keen attention to it.

3. Do you have stage fright? Do you find it hard to finish a story you are writing? Then grab a mic, put your pen and paper to work. Tell yourself that you can do it.

4. Follow your heart desire no matter what others say.

5. Keep record of everything you do.Think about how these little success might connect to more vital talents and abilities. 

For example, you might have snapped wonderful pictures from an outing and people might have appreciated your nice shots. Guess what? You can work on it and become a celebrated photographer.

6. Please ignore the camera. Shows like ‘talent hunt’ have a narrow meaning of what talent truly is.They may help you to overcome some stage fright and may even enable you have the chance of exploring new things but being famous is not the real thing. The real thing is developing your inner abilities and building a world for yourself where others can reach out to you.

If you have an ability or skill, please follow these words and show the world what you have inside of you.

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Thanks for reading

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