I know you have a great talent and passion for certain things but you do  not know how to go about it. Below are tips to help you discover and act on your talents. 

1 Never give up even if the road is rough and you fail.

2 Take a chance to make a choice in order to bring change in your life.

3 Be patient because it can take a lot of time and many failures to find out what you are best at.

4 Be open minded about what your talent might be.

5 Try out new things and if somebody doesn’t resonate then move on but if it does explore it.

6 Be disciplined, strong and determined.

7 Never forget to pray because that it is  the key to everything.

8 Hard work is the key to success.

9 Never take comments too personal instead have your fun.

10 Always remember to appreciate the people around you.


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