Happy World Meal Gate: 10 Reasons To Sign Up Today

By Patrick Olayi
You can feel the Happy World Meal Gate buzz in the air! The testimonies abound and keep gaining momentum like a tsunami. It has taken the nation by storm and also elicited a number of questions. Let’s attempt to put you through in few minutes what Happy World Meal Gate is all about.

Happy World Meal Gate is a passionate, dynamic and duly registered multi-level marketing company of African extraction, on a mission to empower people and bring smiles to their faces. We strongly believe hunger and malnutrition are a global threat and a monstrous emergency which must be tackled decisively and without delay. Happy World Meal Gate is proffering a sustainable and exciting food/reward system which embraces all strata of society.
Still undecided about signing up? Here are 10 reasons we think you should.
1. At the point of registering with $32(N6, 400), you’ll receive a registration pin, serial number and membership ID to enable you log in, create and access your account at anytime and anywhere. More so, you’ll be given a welcome pack of beverages. Really cool right?
2. Happy World Meal Gate  compensation plan is juicy, unique and attainable.
*FARMS STAGE (Introduce & register 6 people; Reward in food items).
  *GREEN GARDEN (14 down lines on your left & right leg: Reward in food items).
  *GOLDEN GARDEN (14 down lines on your left & right leg; Reward-40% food items/60% cash).
  *GREAT GARDEN (14 down lines on your left & right leg;Reward-40% food items/60% cash + free trip to either Saudi Arabia, Israel or Dubai with $5,000 traveling allowance and a brand new car worth $22,000).
  *FAMOUS FARM (14 down lines on your left & right leg;Reward-40% food items & 60% cash + $250 worth of food items for 12 months + an SUV worth $30,000).
  *FOOD BANK (14 down lines on your left & right leg; Reward-live to earn $6,000 from every new member on your team and also partake in profit sharing from Happy World Meal Gate. Payment is 40% food items & 60% cash).
3. In the midst of spiking inflation and recession, this is a great opportunity to feed yourself, family, community and also receive financial empowerment especially if you’re not gainfully employed.
4. Employed or in business? Not a hindrance, you can still join us and happily boost your earnings.
5. Unlike others, we don’t sell supplements or products. Our niche is peculiar. Hence no need to get jittery about who or how to sell. Simply invite others to register and they become your down lines…as easy as ABC.
6. We have offices in various parts of the nation (Lagos, Ibadan, Makurdi and Port Harcourt) and countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (Cameroun, Benin Republic, Togo and Uganda). We also have members across Nigeria.
7. In the midst of rising food prices, spiking inflation and food insecurity, Happy World Meal Gate  is your ‘peace’ in the storm. We drive your feeding expenses to the barest minimum.
8. Awesome customer care support system via multiple channels (walk-in visits, mobile, email, website & social media).
9. We are here for the long haul. This is  an evidence in our commitment to global best practices, integrity, corporate governance and prompt service delivery which our customers greatly applaud.
10. This is definitely the appropriate time to join a growing network marketing community of overtly creative, committed, empowered and motivated people who have decided to stop blaming the economy or the government for financial woes.

Are you Inspired? Take the first step by visiting
www.happyworldmealgate.org or visitfacebook.com/happyworldmealgate,twitter.com/happyworldmeal & Instagram  @happyworldmealgate_official for more information.

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