“The Law is too strong to catch the weak and too weak to catch the strong”


The aphorism above, aptly captures the scenario, we find ourselves in Nigeria, now, when we have two separate laws  applying  to Citizens of the same country, based on narrow tribal considerations! The recent Quit Notice issued to the Igbos resident in the North, though, elicited condemnations from the Political Leadership in the Country. Events have shown that  the said condemnations, amounts to a Storm in a Tea Cup! The so called Coalition of Northern Youth, are so emboldened by the incompetence or acquiescence  of the Federal Government , in handling such a thorny issue, that they have issued several more threats, with the support of their paymasters! This is a misnomer and an abnormality, considering the fact, that Youth from other parts of the Country, who have attempted such divisive tendencies  have been descended upon, with so much callousness and impunity! Some are even rotting in jail, when in some cases, the character of Evidence against them is weak. This country belongs to us all! Nobody should be under the illusion that he or she has a monopoly of smartness. We call for the immediate arrest of the criminals, who issued those threats.  Any thing  short of it, will be completely  unacceptable! They must not just be arrested, they should be prosecuted and put in prison. 


Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. 

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