What’s your online and social media presence like? Do you have a content marketing strategy? Do you have a blog and is it well managed? Is your social media admin promoting your brand adequately and effectively? Are you really benefiting from the immense opportunities the digital space offers?

For your business to thrive in this digital era, the above posers should not be treated with levity.

On a daily basis, quite a number of brands/organizations face the herculean task of projecting their image in an ever saturated market. This inadvertently calls for a creative solution provider with the requisite knowledge of digital marketing. ConIdea Media will aid in developing a bespoke communication and online strategy to successfully position your brand, engage with your clients/prospects and also boost your earnings.

ConIdea Media is a marketing agency duly incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC). We are a young and vibrant creative agency which deploys digital marketing and social media to project brands and organizations; enable them tell exhilarating stories that inspire, attract, engage and most of all, convert prospects to customers.

It’s a statement of fact that the marketing communication landscape is gradually switching from the conventional traditional portals (mainstream media) to digital marketing. In a nutshell, digital marketing simply involves the usage of social media, Online Reputation Management (ORM); content/Email marketing, mobile Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to boost a brand’s visibility online.

(i) Digital Marketing Campaigns: We create attractive marketing campaigns capable of giving your brand the much needed mileage. These campaigns could be online (e.g. Google, top ranking websites and blogs), social media, mobile devices and electronic billboards.

(ii) Social Media: New media has overtly demystified the art of communication and marketing; making it seamless, accessible and measurable. As your social media admins, our sponsored posts for your brand on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram would attract your target customers and grow your customer base.

(iii) Online Reputation Management: In the service industry, reputation is everything. Poor reputation management breeds unnecessary crisis. Our management and monitoring of your online reputation via relevant public relations (PR) content, short videos, podcasts (audio files) and images will take your overall public perception and acceptance notches higher.

(iv) Content Marketing/Strategy: We help identify the platforms your target customers are, before pushing valuable content that inform, empower and entertain them. This is a subtle and highly effective selling strategy.

(v) Designs & Prints: Are you desirous of unconventional logos? Then look no further! We also provide 3D graphics, signages, brochures, calendars, letterheads, flyers and ancillary stationery services with a distinct outlook.

(v) Mobile App Development: Of late, mobile apps are the most convenient means of accessing the products and services of brands and organizations. We develop top of the range apps with highly responsive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) functionalities.

(i) Extra value & affordability.

(ii) Increased reach, sales and opportunity to influence your audience.

(iii) Measurable results.

(iv) Improved public perception and acceptance of your brand/organization.

(v)Conversion of your prospects into customers.

(vi) Exposure to e-commerce advisory that will further leverage your business.

Return visits and increased traffic to your website.

Our social media handles: FB-ConIdea Media, IG-ConIdeaMedia & Twitter-@conidea_media Mobile: 08036128934.

Adorning a football jersey while frantically working on his PC, Mr Patrick Unimna Olayi isn’t your regular digital marketing practitioner. The young and savvy entrepreneur and CEO of ConIdea Media has previously held similar roles in the media(print journalism), investment banking, advertising and tech sectors where his experience, creativity, writing skills and uncommon knack for details were sought after.

Mr Olayi, an ardent Arsenal FC fan and keen follower of the NBA is passionate about entrepreneurship, PR, content marketing, advertising and brand management. He greatly admires foremost American entrepreneur Elon Musk and his underlying mantra is: ‘Always think like there’s no box!’. When asked where he sees ConIdea Media in five (5) years, he ambitiously blurted: ‘being listed as the first marketing communications equity on the Nigerian Stock Exchange!’ Overtly ambitious right?

He can be reached via email (, his various handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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