I lack words to express how happy and grateful I am today. Clocking Silver Jubilee is not a joke. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. I have an inspirational story to share. 

My birth was so funny. Mummy was ill but she gave her all to bring me to this world. A pre mature baby that I was, had jaundice and suffered some illness at birth yet my life has been destined for greatness.

I wish to specially thank God Almighty for preserving my life. For I have been faced with several challenges. I am grateful for the talents and gifts he has bestowed on me. 

I thank my parents Mr and Mrs R. A Osikha for their unending love and care. I thank my siblings. They are my source of Joy. 

I specially thank all my relatives who have shown interest in my work. My friends for their constant support,  encouragement and kindness towards me. 

The concluded Precious Pen Flash Fiction Contest is just a tip of an ice berg. The idea behind it was to appreciate and celebrate writers all over the world. It was quite challenging. Wonderful stories were submitted and the Jury carefully selected the best 11 stories. All stories had errors but creativity was our watch word. Indeed some writers are gifted with the pen. 

Voting commenced and it was a tough one. We had invalid votes but at the end a winner emerged. The winner of Precious Pen Flash Fiction Contest(Birthday Special)  goes to Nwafor David(The brain behind story 8). This happens to be the majority choice of the Jury too. So it’s a double congratulations to you. 

I wish to congratulate you as this is just a stepping stone to greater heights. To all the contestants who participated, I appreciate all of you and wish to inform you that there are more competitions and opportunities to share your stories. Precious Pen Blog is open to all writers because it is one of our responsibilities  to share your wonderful stories to meet a larger audience. 

Special gratitude goes to the sponsors of this contest. Mr. Ovens Lucky(The Kitchen Expert) I sincerely appreciate your kindness towards me. We haven’t met yet but you have so much trust in me. Without you this contest won’t have been a success. 

I also thank Miss Ebaide Omiunu for your continuous care and kindness towards me. You have always watched my back. Thank you for sponsoring this contest. 

I also wish to appreciate my amiable Uncle Mr. Victor Alao for your continuous support and contributions on my life and towards the success of this contest. 

I specially thank the esteemed Jury.  The persons of Douglas Ogbankwa Esq(Lawyer, Public Analyst, Teacher and Writer), Dr. Taiye Otuokhoje Izegaegbe(Dental Surgeon, Teacher and Writer), Tricia Peace(Editor and Literary Critic), Osarinmwiam Queen Imade Oghogho(Literary Expert and Editor) and Dennis Eghaghe Akugbe(Literary Expert,  Poet, Writer and Blogger).  

I thank all Friends and Fans of Precious Pen. 

Nwafor David winner of Precious Pen Flash Fiction Contest goes home with the grand of Prize of 5,000 naira. 

Adaobi Ezirim(Brain behind Story 3) is my favorite story and will get an airtime reward from me. I wish to acknowledge her has a strong contender too. These two writers are automatically part of Precious Pen Writers Team. I wish to see more of your stories for forth coming competitions. 


Sit back and take a look at some of my childhood pictures. 

(Precious Pen is one year old) 

(Precious Pen cuts her 8th Birthday Cake) 

(Precious Pen Call to the Nigerian Bar Photo) 

Do you wish to see more photos?  If yes, follow me on instagram @Precious_Pen. 

Happy Birthday to me!  

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday Precious. You are truly a gifted one. God bless you and yours.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re amazing. Keep up the good works. Once again happy birthday


  3. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday Precious love, u are just too amazing, thank God I met a wonderful personality like you


  4. Lucky Ovens Osaro Ogbebor says:

    A special baby born on a specia day and month for special porpose. Precious pen, may God almighty grant you the grace to achieve your vision and as He added a new year to your age, may every hidden blessings in your life be release in this your new Year, in Jesus Mighty name, Amen.
    Happy birthday.


  5. Nwafordavid2017@yahoo .com says:

    Happy birthday day.
    i wish you a scintillating birthday celebration .
    May your songs of victories ring beyond our borders .
    Thank you for the offer and God bless you.


  6. says:

    You’re most welcome Precious Pen….. And happy Birthday love….. Osarinmwian Queen I made Oghogho.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday to you, more of you I pray.


  8. Samuel Umesi says:

    Happy birthday to you, more of you I pray!


  9. Jumoke Omolounnu says:

    Congratulations you ma’am on your silver jubilee anniversary. The good Lord will keep you in His infinite mercy and make you greater than you ever imagined. Cheers to you. As regards the winner of the contest, please I wish to know the criteria the jury used in choosing the best story.I thought the audience was supposed to vote and the person who has the highest votes gets the best story. Like you rightly said, all the writers had their errors but majority of the viewers /audience thought story 3 was the best. You only told us that story 3 is the favorite. How could it be the favorite and still not the best story. I am eagerly anticipating your sincere response. Thanks And cheers to you once again. I hope you send my birthday cake via email 😤😤😤😤.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you very much. Story 8 and Story 3 had a tie vote. And Jury was left with the option to decide a winner. Story 3 is my best but am not obliged to vote since am the celebrant and organiser. I have no business with the criteria that was left for the jury. I had no interference too. I also didn’t know the brains behind each story until the last day. Everything was played out in fairness. So we had prizes for both of them. More competitions to come. Watch out for October. Lots of prizes to be won.


  10. Anonymous says:

    happy birthday ma wishing u long life n prosperity.age with grace God bless ur new age .love u so much n wish u are a sis to me


  11. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much my amiable friends and fans.


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