A vast majority of Nigerian Youth are caught in the bandwagon of the get rich quick syndrome. Stories are rife of the many obnoxious deeds attributable to them, to keep up with the Joneses. We hear of yahoo boys  and G boys,  runs and runs girls! All of which will end in perdition, in one way or the other! The Youth, who follow the natural course of life have been captured by inanities -Zee World, Telemundo, Sound City ,et al! This even makes opportunities pass them by, with out they knowing about them! Why many of them are crying for jobs, they are not even away of the job placements currently taking place in the Federal Government ‘s Scheme -N-power, simply because they do not follow news ! Information is power! A man with information, is always ahead! There lies the dilemma of the Nigerian Youth! They don’t read! In Nigeria, if you want to hide something from people, put it  in a book or a  newspaper! If an average Nigerian Youth, comes across  a newspaper, most  guys will go straight  to the back page -sports, while most girls will go straight to the centre page -fashion and cartoons! So we are breeding largely  a generation of uninformed and unprepared Youth, who know next to nothing, about current affairs and issues around them! Even, when they go for interviews, their ignorance is on display, sometimes in a comic way! The other day, a young lady was asked,”What is your discipline”and she answered, “I will discipline my children “. Another was asked “Are you Mobile “, and she answered ,” Yes, I use Glo”. 

About  a decade ago, I was teaching Government, and I asked the students, “Who is a  Jew”,a boy answered “A Jew is someone that, does not know what’s up”.As funny as they seem , we are breeding largely, a generation of ignoramus! I fear for our future!


Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. 

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