This is not another theory neither did it stem from any religion of the world – is all about you. Yes! YOU reading this article. We know you are well-read, perhaps better educated and more informed on historical and global events than we are. Our confidence is that you are patient to read this through to get the message we are sure to convey. We believe in you and in your ability to bring solution to the many problems facing humanity, of which energy is the foremost. The time has come for the world to be united with the infinite wisdom of love: bringing all races, religions, and people to the divine union and purpose of Nature, the Universal Intelligence as you may call Her. It is evident that life is all about energy which we have in great abundance and at the same time are in great need of for our continuous survival. But do you think with the approach of the present system of government in the world that we can ever succeed in solving this energy problem?

Time will not permit us to delve into the subject of religion, science, politics and government – we must deliver this message to you as quickly as possible. It is revealed that YOU are the solution to the energy problem of the world. Look around you and see the chaos and damage religion, science, politics and government have caused in our world. Perhaps you may even have different opinion to prove that these have done more good than bad. Our aim is not to start an argument, but to deliver a message we received which has to be passed on. We were told to tell you: the Earth is terribly sick and our world is dying and you are the only solution we are left with. Yes! You are that important for our survival. Thanks to Mother Nature who made it possible for us to meet with you today. The solution to the energy problem in our world is eminent, but global elites and world leaders are deliberately resisting our right to free energy. We must unite our individual energies in one pool of faith based on Universal and Natural Love. The kind of love that knows no boundary and has no religion, tradition and culture, and where everybody will work together for a common purpose to achieve and establish or restore the commonwealth within a united human family to make all one and one all. This is the ENERGY we need now! Then we shall all plunge into the highest wisdom, nourished by the purest knowledge and will be caressed in the richest and infinite love of Mother Nature and the Sun.

You may be wondering “how can I possibly be the solution to the energy problem of the world.” You needn’t have to wonder too long, but act by faith or you may also want to call it passsion that is encouraged and motivated by love to be a solution to at least one of the problems of our day. We are creators by nature, we created this world system and society that has failed – the foundation was never right. Now we can create a better and all inclusive world with a unified human family, and discard this disjointed and separatists one we live in today. Here is how you can bring about the solution, say no to INJUSTICES and no to any form of violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS irrespective of the gender, race and belief. 


Ibhaluobe Aliyu Goodness

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