Writing about Mother’s Day gives me so much happiness but writing about Father’s Day is quite difficult. You may wish to ask me why? I will tell you. 

Recently it is recorded that most children spend half of their childhood without a father. Some fathers are so busy seeking for daily bread to cater for the family while others have neglected their core duties. I have a wonderful father who have also set firm boundaries and taught me to love and respect people . He is a leader and a role model. He taught me that commitment is very crucial in any situation. How you lay your bed is exactly how you lie on it. 

If a man is lazy, dishonest, impure or indecisive, we can expect no better in his children. On the other hand, a father who loves and respects his wife, leads his family with decision and dedication – is the greatest gift a child can have.
From creation men have been saddled with the responsibility to lead but now they have lost their focused. Too many men do not lead, and often they are not even there at all. Boys hunger for masculine role models, and suffer when they do not find them. Fatherhood is more than just fathering a child. It’s commitment,  leadership,  love,  support and sacrifice. 

Having said this, Father’s Day is a crucial time for those father’s  who haven’t been of good example to re examine themselves and turn a new live. For those father’s who have shown so much Love and care your sacrifices will never be in vain. Thank you for your unconditional love and care. Father’s Day is indeed a blessing after all.    Happy Father’s Day.

Yours Truly,  

Precious Pen. 

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  1. Tonitee says:

    A wow piece

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  2. B. B says:

    Wow…. Thanks

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful write-up


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice one


  5. tobynwazor says:

    Boys hunger for masculine role models but don’t get it many times… That is so true. The world really need fathers.

    Beautiful write uo


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