There are 7 billion people in the world, hypothetically. 7 billion people equal 7 billion lives and 7 billion lives logically equal 7 billion smiles but what if I told you 7 billion smiles don’t equal 7 billion amusement, pleasure or happiness same time. Hundred Eyes said in Marcopolo; If the gods are watching then we might as well put on a good show, but imagine no God in heaven and none in shrines and olympus watching us. Would there still be a need for a good show? I’d say Yes, of course. Like a smoke machine simulates the fog we see in a motion picture, taking picture is a simulation of our living condition expression, and a woman faking orgasm to simulate the process of boosting her man ego unconsciously, are all processes you will agree with me won’t stop, so as the height of conscious efforts to show the world we are making progress won’t drop, and so the show goes on and on and on. I can understand why we put on a good show every now and then, nah, slash the euphemism, why we pretend. But before you conclude with the popular lingual that it’s human nature to pretend, let me tell you quickly that it is not!

Although, to pretend there must be a reason and as humans we never lack reasons, either to laugh or to cry, about a sunny or rainy season, but by that reason is it justified to pretend for any reason? Am not just talking about you saying; I love you when you don’t mean it, or you saying the same thing when you know he or she didn’t mean it, but if it isn’t choice and you had the option of pretending or not, how is that still a human nature but not human choice?

We are God’s prototypes with sheer authenticity and freewill, and that’s why; She can act a free being with the hash tag zero worries on social media but claustrophobic and imprisoned behind the screen, You can co-sign with a complimentary comment even though you know her behind the scene, He can show us via his selfies and posts he’s balling even though his life is boring and still feeding off his mummy, and I can nod my head to the tune of my best friends new song even though it’s vapid to me, and not to forget, also tell bae it’s okay for her to place her head on my chest even though it’s hurting to me. But when do we draw the line on pretence? Is it when we lose reasons? Or when we lose ourselves? Since people will never lack reasons, hence, we are left with no other option than to lose ourselves.

They say, show to a child a picture over and over again and that is what he or she becomes, now, imagine you playing the same act over and over again, you already know the outcome. You see, 7 billion lives may equal 7 billion smiles, but 7 billion smiles do not have to be to equal 7 billion amusement, pleasure or happiness. Essence is, we don’t have to crucify who we really are, what and how we really feel to impress and become a parody of someone else. But we can be true to ourselves, embrace and enjoy ourselves because no place else is promised to harness and be the best of ourselves than here.  And no time is promised but now.

No         other         time          is        promised          but         now. Peace!



Sam Adams

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