You may be wondering why you act so funny or weird at times. Sometimes, you feel you just suck and the people around you may not seem to understand you at all. It is said that an introvert remains an introvert, extroverts remains extroverts but no matter what is said anyone filled with the spirit whether Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric or Melancholic is going to manifest the fruit of the spirit.

        The Sanguine temperament is associated with air.  People with this temperament tend to be sociable, carefree, loquacious, pleasure seekers, lovely, jovial, warm hearted and optimistic. They make new friends quickly, have many ideas and forget things easily.
          The choleric temperament is associated with fire. They are usually egocentric and extroverted. They can be ambitious, strong willed and likes to be in control. They possess the qualities of a leader. They are serious minded people, often practical and solution oriented. They like receiving respect and esteem for their work.
          The melancholic temperament is associated with earth. They appear serious, introverts, cautious and suspicious. They are influenced by sympathy of others and sufferings of the world.
           Phlegmatic temperament is associated with water. They like privacy because they tend to be calm, thoughtful, elegant, reasonable and steady.

 Below are questions that will help you discover your temperament. Be honest in answering them and classify according to your numbers.
Answer YES or NO
1 Do you react quickly to offenses and inclined to oppose an insult quickly?
2 Do you always see life from a serious perspective?
3 Do you lose confidence easily in your fellow men?
4 Do you flatter the people you love often?
5 Are you won by quiet explanation of reasons and motives but embittered and driven to strong resistance by harsh commands?
6 Do you love jokes and amusements?
7 Does your thinking turn into reflection often?
8 Are you easily provoked by injustice?
9 Are you insensitive to things around you?
10 Do you find it hard to trust people and think others always have a grudge on you?
11 Are you easily distracted?
12 Do you feel an offense much later after you have been offended and not immediately?
13 Is it hard for you to deny yourself some of your favorite food?
14 Do you easily get angered by an offense but feel happy later?
15 Are you not satisfied with the ordinary but seek greater things?
16  Are you unwilling to always admit your weakness or defeat and by constantly lying to deceive others?
17 Do you like being in a silent atmosphere?
18 Do you get jealous easily?
19 Do you feel happy when you in a position to command?
20 Do you deliberate often and reach a decision with so much difficulty?
21 Do you like to be flattered?
22 Are you afraid of grave illness or complain often of minor ailments?
23 Do you like eating and drinking too often?
24 Are you easily discouraged by difficulties in any given task?
25 Do you find it hard to make friends and express your sentiments?
26 Do you pay keen attention to your appearance and that of others?
27 Do you endure great difficulties until you reach your goal?
28 Do you get suspicious easily?
29 Are you a talkative?
30 Do you get praised easily in public?
31 Do you feel slighted when your ignored?
32 Do you dislike caresses?

33 Are you ready to do anything drastic just to achieve your goals?
34 Are you lazy?
35 Does your interest in things fade quickly?
36 Do you flirt a lot?
37 Do you lack the courage to correct people?
38 Do you see, hear, or talk about everything?
39 Are you an attention seeker?
40 Do you consider yourself an extra ordinary person?

41 Do you belittle those who dare oppose you?
42 Can you quickly pass from tears to laughter and vice versa?
43 Do you easily get captivated by new ideas?
44 Do you like variety in everything?
45 Are you easily influenced by the actions of others?
46 Do you like to make others excited?
47 Do you get irritated by people who have wronged you?
48 Do you pretend not to feel hurt by others when offended.Choleric: 1,5,8,15,16,19,27,32,33,40,41,47,48
 Sanguine: 4,6,11,13,14,20,21,24,26,29,34,35,36,38,39,42,43,44,46
Melancholic: 2,3,5,7,10,12,13,17,18,20,22,24,25,28,30,31,37,47
Phlegmatic: 9,23,34,35,45
 I guess you now know your temperament. Kindly share with us! 

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