The Notion that watching Tv in a dark room is bad for your eyes or causes eye strain has been around  for a long time. The problem is said to result from contrast light between the brightly lit Tv Screen and its darker surroundings.
When watching Tv in a dark room , your eyes have to constantly adjust to different lightning. Each time the scurry on the screen changes there is a bit change in the light emitted from the screen. This constant changing level of light makes your eyes work extra hard which results to eye strain.

 Some of us (let’s be truthful), many of us including me work on our computers in the dark too. Computer monitors and Tv screens are now manufactured similarly and users are at the risk. Eye strain is a growing problem among the younger generation who spend more time using computer whether it be in the light or the dark.
 Today, we read on e- readers or tablets. Ensure there is a secondary light source. If you don’t want it bright, it can be softly background lit.
 Eye strain is temporary. It hurts for a while but after they rest then, everything goes back to normal. In the short term, this is correct but in a long term, it may lead to near glaucoma.
 Symptoms of Eye Strain are as follows:

  • Watery Eyes
  • Burning Eyes
  • Headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Tiredness

The best way to save your eye sight are as follows:

  • Keep at least a small amount of light on.
  • Look away from the screen every 30 minutes.
  • Close your eyes for a minute to allow them to get a bit of rest.
  • Sit far away from Tv or Computer Screen.
  • Try Eye Vitamins to reduce eye strain and strengthen your eyes.
  • Keep your eyes healthy and strong.

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