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About us

Our History

Our History

Founded by Precious Osikha on the 11th of March 2015, as a hobby, Precious Pen Kreations came into full existence on the 15th of May, 2018 as a legal entity duly registered and recognised by law under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
Precious Pen Kreations was nominated amongst over 1,000 plus SME’s as Top 200 for the voting stage in April, 2018.
And as further been nominated for other awards and recognition.

Our Values

Our Values

At Precious Pen Kreations, it is believed that there are no impossibilities.
As a small or medium scale business owner, public speaker, or even seller you need captivating storytelling skills to communicate your products to your audience. Even if your information are in video and audio formats, writing is still one of the essential and effective ways to share the knowledge you have which will aid in advertising your business to people so that they can know, like and trust it. This is why with the great belief of storytelling, Precious Pen Kreations transforms the world with the best storytelling skills.

Our Goals

Our Goals

Precious Pen Kreations, offers tested, trusted and affordable delivery.
It is a one-stop creative digi-shop that offers unlimited services in the literary and business arena. We are digital and we stick to time.

Our Service Categories

E-learning Academy

Are you passionate about becoming a great writer or to become skillful in any area of interest?  Then learn online via our e-learning platform to build and improve your skills and ignite your passions in any field of interest.

Writing services

Don’t have time at hand for your writing projects? Relax, we will help you write and complete your manuscript, edit it and deliver in time.

Known for our outstanding writing prowess we will help you create compelling contents relevant to your business which  will attract more customers and create more visibility for your brands.
Create brand stories for your business growth and sales.

Other manuscript includes:
Poetry, Plays, Movie scripts, Transcribing, Ghostwriting, Fiction and Non fiction books/articles etc.


Do you have any form of manuscript either a book, article or movie script?
Do you want it to be devoid of grammatical errors?
If yes, we will refine your manuscript into a masterpiece with our magical editorial touch.

Are you a book author? Just the way we edit manuscripts, we would get you published on the digital space,  and feature them on our online book shop and get hard copies delivered to you.


Are you struggling to birth your dream book? Get our constructive guidance as we guide intending authors through evaluative processes and advice to birthing captivating books in any genre.

Are you a new business startup? We train big and small scale organisations to remodel and redesign their SOP to standard to improve organisational performance.

Do you require legal clarity in that business venture of yours? We are here 24/7.

Or maybe you need some self-development counselling and probably mentorship? We are here to give you professional guidance.


Have any educational event coming up?  Seminars? Symposiums? Quiz?
Do you wish to organise any literary event such as book readings? Competitions? Book launch?
Planning your event is as easy as ABC when Precious Pen Kreations handles your event.


We create eye catchy book covers and graphics designs , branding, logos, letter heads, complimentary cards and lots more.
•You can hire us to speak at any event. We offer profound public speaking skills.
• We offer the best book promotions through adverts, book launch for authors. We also offer book reviews and bountiful sales.
• Need a blog or website? Or business support/development service? We are your sure bet.

He lives and writes in Ekpoma, Nigeria. A Fellow of the Ebedi International Writers’ Residency, Zogie participated in the Open Society (OSIWA) Poets’ Fellowship on the Goree Island, off the coast of Dakar, Senegal. Zogie’s poetry – an attempt to superimpose the multiplicative index of self – is a recollection of identity that seeks to magnify the seeming endlessness of everything and nothing. His poetry and nonfiction have appeared in Sankofa, Praxis, Expound, Provo Canyon, Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast Anthologies, PIN, OSIWA Anthology,, Buk-Republik, Gnarled Oak, Brittle Paper, African Writer, Asian Signature, The New Black Magazine, Kalahari Review, Babishai Niwe Poetry Anthology, and elsewhere. Awards and honorary mentions include: Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast Prize, UNESCO-sponsored Castello Di Diuno Poetry Award, and more. His poems have been translated into Nepali, Chinese, French and Italian. He is a co-author of A-Half-Formed Thing, a marshup of poetry and short-stories collected by 2016 August/September residents at the Ebedi Residency, and author of Mount Orgasm, the much talked about digital poetry chapbook. How to P.A.I.N.T. a Lover is his second full-length poetry collection. Ehi Zogie is the editor-in-chief of Precious Pen Kreations.
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Popularly known as “Precious Pen”, Precious Osikha lives and writes in Benin. She is a lawyer, brand storyteller, literary and life coach, blogger, script writer, entertainer, song writer/composer, content creator, literary event planner and a freelancer who has ghostwritten books for a few busy authors. Her works cut across all genres of literature and have appeared in local and international literary websites and journals, and she’s written scripts for a few Nollywood movies. She is the founder of Precious Pen Kreations-Academy where she coaches young and aspiring writers all forms of writing. And the Chief Executive Officer of Precious Pen Kreations, a creative one-stop shop that offers unlimited services in the literary and business arena. She is the author of White Whispers, Just before you write, The writers treasury and many other breathtaking books.